Change Logs

Version (12/6/21)

Fixed Dungeon Profit Checker not working for enchanted books Updated room detection check for certain rooms and features

Version 2.1.9 (12/1/21)

New Changes: - Bingo Display List: (Not that useful right now, but will be improved on by next event) + New Status Overlays: Cookie Timer, Trapper Pelt Display Migrated LBIN to Maro Api Added Dungeon Puzzle Timers (Tracks approximately how long you take to finish a puzzle; still WIP) - Each puzzle's start and end times are arbitrary Changed internal handling of certain Dungeon Solvers Fixes: Fixed Treasure Counter Counting Twice Fixed Flaming Worm Counter

Version (11/5/21)

Option to not render special Museum Items Option to render Museum Overlay everywhere - Note however, (for now) this may require "Render Rarities Everywhere" to be enabled to work (at all) in certain Mod Menus. Recommended to simply not use this feature until improved on in the future Option to hide Spook messages Changed parsing of GREEN DYE items in Museum - may improve caching Reverted Shutdown Hook that saves configs on close (may fix saving issues)

Version (11/3/21)

2 Museum Features: - Show Uncollected Museum Items (excluding armor sets) + Read the note on caching - Show Museum Item Type Slight change to rendering (may cause slight issues) Fixed some caching issues with rarity display. Some Updater Changes.

Version (10/24/21)

Some changes, along with fixing some issues (bugs and crashes) present in 2.1.8

Version 2.1.8 (10/18/21)

Changes - Added Custom Wardrobe Menu - Added Vanilla Pets Menu Display - Added Auto Updater There are some limitations with Auto Updating (most likely present on Linux machines) + Added ability to store different profiles Added Mining Powder/Hour Tracker Changed /nw to display items per category Added NPC Sell Price (w/ Hypixel's new endpoint) Added Some Bestiary GUI Features Fixes Fixed Reparty (and Auto-Reparty) breaking as a result of Hypixel's new cooldown Fixed Some Authentication Issues Fixed Some issues with saving data Fixed Certain Crashes Fixed NEU Buttons still showing despite being no longer rendered

Version (9/14/21)

- Fixed networth command (/nw). This traffic will be monitored for performance issues Modified show gemstones to show outdated gemstones (may still be slightly WIP) Option to show number of gemstone chambers Updated Diana Waypoints Refreshing Updated Hide Non Parties a bit Updated Divine Rarity for rarity colors Added option to show (and predict) number of arrows left in quiver Show Enabled / Disable HOTM Perks - Added /sbhotm command to display Heart of the Mountain info for other players Added /targetpractice command to display fastest target practice time for users Added /essence command to view dungeon essence for other players (Dependent on Inventory API)

Version 2.1.7 (9/6/21)

Moved "Edit Custom Commands" to a Subsection in General - Added `/nw` command, API created by Nariah Added setting to display total networth in `/player` - Added option to change pets menu from circles to squares + Changed Hide All Armorstands to only hide mob stands + Added way to share most settings (GUI is blunt and probably temporary) -> `/sbe settings` Setting to hide [PLAYER INFORMATION] messages Improved Ender Slayer boss detection by setting "Show Only for Own Boss" to be enabled by default - Reminder that you can middle click a boss to mark it as your own (in case initial detection fails) Changed Beacon Warning to Display 0 until updated by new sound Added some caching for rarity display Fixed some issues present with pets menu Fixed some issues with Crystal Waypoints not showing up properly (Hopefully) Should Fix issues with NEU buttons showing up, pets overlay not updating Fixed issue with crashing when creating Crystal Waypoints Fixed issue with crashing when insta-closing chests Fixed Enderslayer EXP values Fixed Coord-Parsing in Crystal Hollows

Version 2.1.5 + 2.1.6 (8/30/21)

- Line Of Sight Etherwarp Display - What does this mean? Etherwarp Display will search for visible blocks above the targeted block, and only display it as correct if the blocks are visible (within the Player's Line of Sight). - This avoids ESP (XRAY), as it will only use blocks the player can see, as opposed to directly showing the Player blocks that they cannot see - Still work in progress, at times mis-detects certain blocks and does not display some properly. Option to enable Right Click Copy Chat Hide Random Parties from Non-Ranked Players Updated Gemstone Buffs to accurately display the stats given by each gemstone Show Power Scroll Buffs in Lore Show Loot from Treasure Chests in Display - Fix Candy Lore (on unhatched Golden Dragons) Updated and fixed Water Solver again (hopefully) - Added Custom Chat Notifications - Notifications upon receiving a chat message Added option to display both icon and text regarding Active Pet Made Crystal Hollow Waypoints save on restart Separated Dungeon Profit, Run Overview, and Score Approximation from same setting. - Added presets for Custom Splits, including Auto floors. Updated /cata, allowing players to hover to see exact exp. + Fixed Skill EXP Display / Skill Trackers not working in Version 2.1.5 + Fixed Error Messages showing up before the world has loaded + Fixed Fishing Counter requiring another setting to be enabled + Fixed Mithril Gourmand + Fixed Minion EXP Calculator not working, added a fix for Reparty in case Hypixel breaks in the future. Removed Features (Since players cannot read descriptions and turn on features without reading what they do): - Removed "Show All Color Names" - Removed "Show Damage Vignette" - Removed "Nearby Tank Warning" + These features may be re-added or changed in the future Main Change. Custom Pets Menu Disclaimer: This feature (and related features) are considered Use at your own risk, as they redirect clicks sent by the player Features Include: - Allows for reorganization of ordering of pets, - Easier customization of pet skins (both in menu and when summoned) - Selecting and holding favorites in a bar - Only Display Favorites (for quick access) - Customization of percentage display (With Chroma!) - Search Bar to Locate Pets - Custom Colored Backgrounds

Version 2.1.4 (7/18/21)

Crystal Hollows Followup Patch Bugs Squashed - Dungeon Features should work again - Waypoints will properly reset upon lobby Swap - Fixed an issue with configs corrupting and possible crashes Hopefully Fixed Issue with Voidgloom Slayer Detection Hopefully Fixed Dwarven Events Display + Various Other Fixes New Features: - Hide Mage Beams from other players - Worm Notifier Warning Made Treasure Chest Helper Better Made Metal Detector Locator Better Changed Counter to count chests and powder Added feedback to waypoint commands, new options to customize what is being parsed + Small Changes to other Features

Version 2.1.3 (7/14/21)

Crystal Hollows + Others Update Main Features: - Show Damage Calculations - This feature can be VERY precise, but also VERY finicky to achieve accurate results on. Read the description or #features for more details - Crystal Hollow Waypoints - /crystalwaypoints - Breadcrumbs display in Hollows Ability to Modify all Visual Words (May be changed at any point) Crystal Hollows Map Egg Blocks Walked Display (+ Tracker) (WIP) Show Gemstones applied on Items (WIP) Treasure Chest Helper Metal Detector Locator (WIP) - This feature can be VERY precise, but also VERY finicky to achieve accurate results on. Read the description or #features for more details + Other Crystal Hollow Features Smaller Features / Changes: Show Durability on Pickonimbus Mining Pass Duration Show Automaton Parts Middle Click to Mark EnderSlayer Boss Updated Some New Commissions (WIP) Updated Some New Fishing Mobs (WIP) Updated /cata to calculate exp from current level Updated /armorcolor

Version 2.1.2 (6/23/21)

- Some Player Proximity Buff Indicators - Hide Other Voidgloom Beam Attacks - Added /refreshdiana command Copy Rare Drops to Clipboard Show / Merge Excess (Overflow) Mana (May fix mana display in other mods) Shows Approximate Slayer Boss Kill Time Minion option to account for 2x exp (if applied) Validation of Hypixel API Key handled asynchronously, may improve boot times. Migrated /guildmaster to /guild (may be changed in the future if needed) + Fixed Some Crashing issues + Fixed Some features not working properly

Version 2.1.0 (6/8/21)

Additions: - Double click to install, (installer created by Biscut) - Added "/weight" command - Weight System provided by LappySheep - This command will be monitored, as it may result in server ratelimits/other issues - Minion Exp + Profit Calculator - This is WIP, and will likely account for pet buffs + other external buffs in the future. For now, you can manually edit the %. (Most) Pet Skin Support in Active Pet GUI Added Ability to customize text and shift within gui elements Revamped Party Finder Join Info, allowing users to customize what is searched for. Added Master Mode Loot Tracking Added Enderman Slayer Loot tracking - Added many, many new enderman slayer features "General > End Island" Added "New Features" tab within /sbe Made "/sbe" no longer dependent on GUI Scale - Added ability for lots of customization of a rarity display Shows wither shield duration Fixed and Re-Introduced Editing Backpack Names Fixed and Re-Introduced "Highlight Insta-Sell Items" in bazaar. Updated and created a "Use at your own risk" section within "Quality of Life" tab - "/reparty" requires this to be enabled. Made Diana Waypoints Update Faster + Likely other features not present on this list Fixes / Bugs Squashed: - Fixed Skill EXP Not Showing Up - For now, none of the features using skill exp will work, however the exp itself will show up + Fixed Displaying Cata Level past 50 + Fixed other users being able to modify mythos counter + Should fix Jerry talisman chat message causing a Jerry Warning - Improved performance dramatically, by default keeping the most intensive features off. - This is a summary of the benchmarks I made: - Memory Usage Image not included, however, there was no significant change with SBE present and not present - Feel free to test this and inform me if there are any errors

Version 2.0.6 (4/25/21)

Fixes: - Hopefully fixed Authentication issues - Trivia Solver Issues - Fixed Favoriting Pets - Fixed EnderChest Preview - Changed EnderChest Naming a bit - Use `1` on the left, and any name on the right - Fixed Armor Color not saving on reset - Fixed `/slayer` - Fixed `/rp` not working for certain ranks Additions: - Added Storage Previews - QOL > Visual - Treasure Hunter Solver - Updated `/cata` - Added Bazaar Features - Updated `/skull` to work without holding a skull - Updated some other features

Version 2.0.5 (Public: 3/30/21, BETA: 3/29/21)

Rule Fixes: - Removed Invisible Fels, Ghosts, Shadow Assassins - Disabled/blocked multiple other features that cancel clicks - Note that these features will be tested during the kicking period, and may be re-implemented depending on admin approval - There will NOT be a secret solver, nor precise score approximation. - Likewise, features involving data not provided to the player, such as Livid Detector and bomb solver, will not be implemented. Dungeon Changes: - Removed terminal solver blocking clicks, Arrow Solver Blocking Clicks - Added box solver (work in progress, do /boxsolver resolve to recalculate route) - Changed Custom Split Colors to model LiveSplit - Changing the split's names will reset previous data General Changes: - Experimentation Solver will not block clicks - Gui Elements will only show up in Edit Gui Locations if they are enabled - Added /bestiarydata, slightly work in progress, but should give a decent approximation for fastest kills to next bestiary level.

Version 2.0.4 (3/21/21)

Dungeon Changes: - Fixed issue with Run Overview being linked to Score Approximation - Separated Times from Run Overview, moved into own section - Show Custom Splits, with modifiable Custom Split Messages - This will likely be improved upon in the future - Added ability to track rerolls on F6/F7 - Added option to prevent rerolling chests (default on) - Added option to change terminal clicks - Changed loot profit to only add items with known values (may still not be 100% accurate) Other Changes: - Changed Displayed Armor to have multiple options - Added miniboss notifications for T5 bosses - Added loot tracking for autoslayer (and should prevent any crashes with those) - Added another option to turn off Intensive features - Features that would likely improve your fps if turned off - Under Quality of Life > Performance - Updated List Editors to allow moving options up / down - May be slightly buggy at times

Version (3/11/21)

Fixes: - Shift to override arrow solver (havent check to see if this works) - Remove armor stands should no longer remove terminals - Chat Filters should work properly now Additions: - Crypt Counter *cough* @15h - Hide Fire Particles - /resetdenpoints - command to reset waypoints to default (for people who are LAZY and don't want to access it through the menu itself) - Made it clear when /templore is being used.

Version 2.0.3 (3/09/21)

NEW PATCH FEATURES: - Relic Waypoints (Removes on click, Option to reset to default) - Spider Loot Counter (Reminder that /counter exists) - Show Spider Boss HP Quality of Life Changes: - Changed Hide Usage/Cooldown Messages (forgot to remove toggles) - Enable Custom Chat Filters and edit them manually - Regex filter involving `\` may be broken currently - Added /blockability and removed "Block AOTD Click" - now allows you to customize which items you want to block - Reminder that all commands show up in /sbe help - Added meme /templore command - allows you to edit lore on an item, will not save on game restart - Block Zapper left click to undo, - Block Zapper display removed blocks (slightly buggy at times) - Updated Combat to max at 60 - Changed footsteps to only show red in Skyblock Dungeon Changes: - Updated Trivia Solver - Attempted to fix water solver (again) - Vastly improved Arrow Solver (Stage 3.3) - Note that this only works if 1 person uses it at a time; Currently no ability to override it, will be implemented at some point

Version 2.0.2 (2/27/21)

Fixed: - Pet detection + Pet Mixins do not work with only 1 page of pets. - Waypoints Refresh timer breaking display stuff - Terminal Solvers Changed - Ice Puzzle Showing up in Blaze Room - Mythos Drops not always counting Additions: - Hide Pet Candy - Customize Skull Textures (Read /skull help) - Reorganized QOL Tab - Logging Features for easier Debugging (/dianalog) - Hide Armor - Show and Shade Shadow Assassins/Fels - Added Pet Colors to AutoPet - Other Features

Version 2.0.1 (1/31/21)

Main Fixes: - Experimentation Helper + Terminal Solver + gui container stuff w/ OAM Compatibility - Exp Share Pet Display - Remove Message Usage - Remove Block Break Effects - EXP Share Pet Display - Commission Tracker - Null Pointers - Fishing timer bugged - Unable to sell pets to George - Custom Configs having invisible buttons - Water Solve Crashing - Compatibility with labymod

Version 2.0.0 (Public: 1/28/21, BETA: 12/29/20)

Notable Features: - /setsbekey changed to /setkey - /sbhelp changed to /sbe help - /sbe gui revamped - Variety of command changes and support for profiles added. - No longer crashes game when user is not whitelisted! Main Dungeon Features: - Added Frag Run Counter - Score Approximation Added to Run Overview - Feature to reveal Hidden Fels Party Finder - Player Info (Gives a summary on players when joining dungeon parties) - Lower Bound to Cata / Class Levels - Highlights Parties you can join / not join - Show Number of Members in the party Solvers - Improved Blaze Solver - Added Water Solver - Also a feature to show the water path - Added Creeper Solver - Added Teleport Pad Solver - Added Tic Tac Toe Solver - Added Silverfish Solver - Added Ice Solver - Added a feature that will block clicks on correct arrows for stage 3 of Necron

Version (12/23/20)

Fixes: - Blaze Solver once again shows default white texture - Reparty Command will expire after ~7-8 seconds, if an error has occurred - 1.12 Crop Hitboxes should be more accurate and work more often Additions: - Added alias for reparty command: `/rp` The reparty command sometimes breaks with other mods, so if it doesn't work, try testing with sbe only first.

Version 1.7.7 (12/23/20)

Changes: - Added Error Warnings, (Incorrect Forge/Whitelist Warnings) - Changed Experimentation Table to default to middle click, adding a button to exist for ease of access (or just hit ESC) - Changed Experimentation Colors for now, LMK if people like/dislike it - Changed #'s terminal to hopefully show the actual number now (untested) - Updated a majority of golden enchants to tier 7 - will *likely* be reworked soontm Additions: - Implemented 1.12 size hitboxes, for users without Patcher (Crops include wheat, carrots, potatoes, and nether wart) - Added `/reparty`, which should hopefully be intuitive and accurate without creating ghost parties - Added Spirit Leap Names- shows the name of the players when the spirit leap menu is open + Some bug fixes

Version (12/06/20)

- Once again updated Ultrasequencer, Completely Removing Items and leaving behind numbers - Added display bar for Chronomatron, also blocks clicks on incorrect slots - For both Ultra and Chrono, a click that is not a left click ( i.e. Right Click / Middle Click) will bypass click block ) - Should hopefully fix crashes when using Chrono solver

Version (12/05/20)

- Updated Superpairs and Ultrasequencer to properly render items - When Updated Super Pairs... made it very easy to see previous items - Added Support for up to Farming 60

Version 1.7.6 (12/04/20)

Experimentation Solver (WIP) - Toggleable under QOL Settings - Prevents Incorrect Clicks on Ultrasequencer Experiment - Renders Items over Panes for Ultrasequencer and Superpairs - Highlights correct pane green for Ultrasequencer and Chronomatron - Hides Lore for those 2 experiments ^^

Version 1.7.5 (11/27/20)

Fixes: - Removed skills showing up as over 50 in /sbskills and /player - Updated /sbhelp to better fit command usages - Fixed Pet EXP Counter not showing when equipping pet w/ skin Additions: - Added support for skills 0 - 60 - Added Terminal Solver for Phase 3 of Necron Boss Fight - Note that the terminal solver is a combination of many different "helpful" features: (Read Note Below) - Added /cata to show Catacombs Levels for Player Terminal Solver Features: - Changes clicks within terminals to be middle clicks for better click registration - Colors Slots Green within Select all terminals (Starts With, Colors) - Colors Slots in changing shades of blue for 1-14 Solver - Removes Item Lore / Display when hovering over slots in GUI - Should block incorrect clicks within Select All Terminals

Version 1.7.4 (11/05/20)

Fixes: - Adjusted Fishing Loot to match new catch phrases - Updated Slayer Loot to (hopefully) not double count - Hopefully improved fps when rendering DA Timer / Boss Soon Warnings - Updated Map to show even when not holding item - Adjusted /sbpets to include support for mythic pets Additions: - Added more direct error-reporting - Added toggle for slayer minibosses -> /sbe mini - Added support for labymod (yay... but labymod trash so remove it anyways) Removals: - Removed Scan Accessories as it is impossible to view accessories on secondary pages

Version 1.7.3 (10/06/20)

Additions - Added Version Checker - Added Sea Witch and adjusted colors for Fishing Loot - Added Colors to F6 Loot - Loot from Bedrock Chests should count properly - Added Error message if a crash is caused by Spirit Boots Fix - Made Item Quality show on more Drops - Hide Usage Messages should now apply to all damage messages (including Guided Sheep, Thunderstorm, etc) - Time Spent should work properly - Added some more enchants to Golden Max Enchants Feature

Version 1.7.2 (9/18/20)

Changes: - Added new loot to Floor 5 Stats - Added colors to the new loot - Now properly counts and tracks time and loot from Bedrock Chests - Changed Spirit Boot Fix to work everywhere in Skyblock (Don't know if there are any crashes with this) - Fixed some other small issues

Version 1.7.1 (8/31/20)

Fixes: - Increased Compatibility by removing Overwrites - Fixed some user-error induced issues - Fixed Trivia SkyBlock Year Question - Fixed Deaths not being counted in certain circumstances - Fixed Run Overview and Dungeon Loot not being affected by `/sbe reset` Additions: - Added Profit Checker as suggested by many people (Requires Skyblock Extras key) - As a result, Sell Value (Bazaar Price/Lowest Bin) is included in AH Stats (only updates after dungeon runs) - Added Chest Comparison to Run Overview at end of run - If Slayer Counter is on, automatically selects slayer - Hides Run Overview when not in Dungeon / Dungeon Hub - Tweaked Trivia Solver to Bold the Answer - Added multiple checks to reduce user error - Updated /sbhelp to include `/sbe taming ` - Tweaked Pet EXP Display to show Inactive Pets / Update on Pet Swap - Taming level should now update automatically on level up - Added notes upon login if Mod is not properly set up

Version 1.7.0 (8/18/20)

Fixes: - Fixed compatibility with SBA Organized Enchants not working for some players - Fixed dungeon map having different shades of colors - Fixed `/pch` not working properly - Fixed `Hide Block Break Particles` not working - Fixed Dungeon Loot Counter not saving - Added Oruo Puzzle to Copy Fails feature - Launcher should now spend less time in Pre-Init Stage - Made some general improves to handlers - Fixed Dungeon Loot Counter to track F4 drops (as a result of Hypixel messing with drops) - Changed Golem Counter to Hopefully Save on Restart - Various other patches Additions: - Added Solvers for **3** different Dungeon Puzzles (**Read Note!!!**) - Changed Split Counter to Run Overview (New Gui Element) - Added Feature to Fix Forge Visual Bug with Spirit Boots - Added QOL Setting to toggle magic damage markings (Increasing FPS in Thorn Boss Fight) - Added Feature to Prevent Direct Placing of Spirit Sceptre on Dirt/Grass/Etc - Modified Item Quality Lore to be Clearer - Added Dungeon Hub Selector to Hub Colors - Added the ability to hide Spirit Sceptre Messages (Hide Usages) Removals: - Removed Glow Version for now, May be Reintroduced at a later date

Version 1.6.4 (7/28/20)

Fixes and Changes__: - Pet XP Display should now update based on xp gain (Assuming you set your taming level) - Added Arabic Numbers to Golden Enchants (No longer just Roman Numerals) - Fixed Fishing Counter by completely changing it (thank you hypixel for the sacks) - Moved Dungeon Settings to its own individual tab in `/sbe` - Hopefully fixed some maps appearing as completely black Additions: - Newest Addition: Dungeon Loot Tracker - Different toggles for this one, if you use the `Auto` toggle, You will be able to track newer floors with the same version - Toggle through the options in the Dungeons Tab - Added toggle to hide ability usage - Added toggle to hide coopchat - Added toggle to show **splits** in dungeons (Useful for speedrunning!) -Added toggle to automatically copy any puzzle fails/deaths in dungeons (Perfect for calling out your friends)

Version (7/17/20)

Fixes: - Names with _ in them will (hopefully) have the glowing effect applied to them - Fixed some rare occurrences of crashing in dungeons (remember you must be using latest forge version) - Hopefully fixed a few incompatible mods (still posting both versions)

Version 1.6.3 (7/17/20)

(Includes fixes from 1.6.2) Fixes: - Rewrote Handlers to reduce lag - Changed Pets XP Counter to track EXP Gain (Updates on lobby swap) - Set your taming level by doing /sbe taming level - Golden Enchants updated with New Maxed Enchants Changes: - Guild Commands Reintroduced - sbpets updated with held items - Commands should now load faster and cleaner Additions: - Creation of Dungeon Map with Toggleable Chroma - Creation of Glowing Players (while in Dungeons) /sbe > Qol Settings (for now) Faster speedruns guaranteed :p

Version 1.6.2 (7/13/20)

- Rewrote a majority of the handlers to help reduce lag spikes - Updated Pet Xp to (somewhat) accurately track xp gain - Do /sbe taming level to set your taming level - Reintroduced guild commands (Don't spam them) - You can now search by lore in the Search Bar by typing lore: text - Updated Golden Enchants to include new maxed enchants - Added text and color on dungeon items to show their strength (Base Stat Boost) - Added Scan Accessories button in Accessory bag to check remaining talismans (Crab Hat is bugged rn) - And ultimately, added dungeon map with chroma

Version (6/20/20)

Changes: - Complete Gui Revamp (type /sbe to access the gui now) - Made moving gui elements much easier - Added taming to /sbskills - Fixed /ahstats again to match @skylaaaaaaa.'s new API - Made different parts of QOL Settings toggleable - Made Search Bar toggleable - Fixed handler to automatically set Hypixel API key - Fixed Golden Enchants incompatibilities with SBA - Fixed some QOL settings from being toggleable Addition: - After opening the "Your Bids" page in the auction house or bidding on an item, Auction Data is attempted to be stored. Type /ahmenu to open this page. *You must have a Hypixel API key set

Version 1.6.0 (6/10/20)

- Completely changed `/ahstats`, now displaying a player's recent auctions and purchases (Powered by @jackson#0001 's api) - Reorganized /sbhelp (with more changes coming soon:tm:) - Changed command prefixes for conflicting commands - Added an average/median ah price when browsing auction house (toggleable by QOL settings) - Also changed display of maxed level sword/bow enchants (QOL Settings) - Fixed slayer tracker to work correctly with sacks (Don't spam click them in and out) - Added a new feature to prevent starting incorrect slayer quests (Dependent on active slayer gui) - Created a handler to automatically set api key after /api new

Version 1.5.4 (5/7/20)

- Added /calcskill and /calcpet (like the bot commands) - Fixed /player not displaying bank and purse - Should have fixed authentication errors (lmk if you still have issues) - Fixed /purselb (correctly this time) - Fixed Pets Coloring - Fixed logs spam - Reduced Active Pet update time in half - Added QOLSettings Option to /gui (includes disabled AOTD, Golem Spawning Sound Warning) - Updated "Player is Staff!" to "Invalid Name or Player is Staff!" - Added /fishing reset which resets the fishing gui - Added the ability to move around the Search Bar in /gui - The Fishing Gui now stays on between game sessions. - Fixed Server Swap Lag for some players with other mods

Version 1.5.0 (4/29/20)

- Added Color of pet rarities to pets menu and Color to Hub sizes for Hub Selector - Added a Search Feature for items in your Inventory/Chests/Etc. - Added an AH Flipping Price Limit (customizable) - Added a Fishing Bait Counter to the Fishing GUI - Added Various sounds to the game (such as opening a backpack) - Added QOL things such as clicking anywhere on the screen when chat is open to Open Maddox (after you dial) Toggleable via the config - Revamped the /gui screen. Now supports easy Drag and Drop Editor for Gui Displays. Bug Fixes - Fixed the fishing loot counter - Fixed bug where API Commands sometimes showed weird results

Version 1.4 (4/07/20)

- Added /pch command which checks the stats of people in your party (useful for drag parties). - Added /dl summary/armor/frags/drags/toggle. This is a DRAGON LOOT COUNTER BABY. - It counts total eyes, money, all drag loot, Dragon fight stats (place and dmg), and has a gui display which can be moved in /gui. - Added a gui warning on login if you don't have a Hypixel API key set. - Changed the default sell price of some slayer loot items. -Organized the /pets ranking (now by tier and level). - Changed timestamps to be less ugly and better looking, as well as displaying min/sec instead of hour/min. - Fixed the fishing counter (I think) - Moved some files around (Don't worry about this)