Full list of SBE Settings (All Features)

----General---- General: Edit Gui Make all Elements Default Make all Elements Shadowed Gui Display Show Only in Skyblock Edit Menu Theme Show Error Messages Cosmetics: Custom Color Names Show Own Custom Color Show Particle Cosmetics Show Particles in First Person Commands: Customize Custom Commands Show Networth in Player Cmd WIP: Revert Master Stars Color Blaze Slayer Mobs Blaze Pillar Warning Show Attunement Display Color Kuudra Shop Background Display Kuudra Health Display Miniboss Timer Display Ashfang Timer Display Gravity Wells Display Ashfang Durations Color Ashfang Blazes Dojo Helper Matriarch Reminder Trophy Fishing Tracker Trophy Fishing Count Change Lava Texture Change Lava in Crimson Fix Lava Bobbers Show Slugfish Timer Show Golden Fish Timer Notifications: Copy Rare Fishes Announce Rare Drops Copy Rare Drops Dark Auction Warning Golem Warning Jerry Warning Jerry Timer Custom Chat Notifications Chat Notification Sounds Miscellaneous: Timestamps Show Milestones Show NPC Sell Price Show Auction Data Show Auction Data Everywhere Show Duplicate Items Mark Duplicates Everywhere Calculate Profits Button Calculate Essence Instead Century Cake Timer Larger Heads Big Items Scale with Rarity Big Item Size Experimentation: Experimentation Helper First Experimentation Color Second Experimentation Color Third Experimentation Color Rarity Colors: Render Item Rarities Render Rarities Everywhere Render Rarities In Hotbar Rarity Color Alpha Rarity Type Dwarven Mines: Show Mine Map Notify Events Mute Wind Changes Raffle Time Warning Gourmand Time Warning Puzzler Solver Puzzler Timer Edit Mine Waypoints Show Area Waypoints Show Target Waypoints Notify Ability Cooldown Show Fuel Display Show Compact Features Show Forge Timer Show Commissions Tracker Format Commissions Use Commission Icons Show Mining Tracker Show Star Cult Timer Show Events Display Show Titanium Warning Show Golden Goblin Warning Show Sky Mall Warning Crystal Hollows: Show Hollows Map Show Enabled / Disabled Perks Show Blocks Walked Show Gemstone Buffs Show Power Scroll Buffs Show Gemstone Chambers Show Pickonimbus Durability Show Crystal Hollow Waypoints Auto Add Mining Waypoints Add Parsed Crystal Hollows Waypoints Auto Parse Party Messages Parse All Waypoints Ignore Waypoint Parse Messages Save Waypoints across Instances Edit Crystal Hollow Waypoints Reset Crystal Hollow Waypoints Show Breadcrumbs in Hollows Use Footstep Particles Edit Breadcrumb Delay Edit Breadcrumb Remove Time Show Mining Pass Duration Show Automaton Parts Treasure Chest Helper Treasure Loot Display Treasure Line Limit Powder Tracker Display Metal Detector Locator Show Metal Detector Waypoint Auto Renew Mining Pass Worm Notifier Spider's Den: Show Spider Den Waypoints Edit Den Waypoints Reset Den Waypoints Show Arachne HP Show Arachne Counter Farming Island: Treasure Hunter Solver End Island: Show Soul Flow Display Show Final Destination Display Show Excess Mana Merge Excess Mana Show Active Items Hide Zero Damage Nametags Show Voidgloom Info Highlight Skull Textures Skull Outline Color Highlight Beacon Blocks Beacon Outline Color Show Beacon Warning Show Only for Own Boss Pick Block Mark Boss Highlight Endermen Stages Hide Beam Attack Hide Enderman Hurt Effects Stop Enderman Teleportation Mute Enderman Sounds Mute Player Sounds Etherwarp Display: LOS Etherwarp Location Etherwarp Targeted Block Display Unuseable Blocks Etherwarp Unuseable Blocks Display Unknown Blocks Etherwarp Unknown Blocks

----Trackers---- General: Start Session Stop Session Slayer: Show Slayer Counter Edit Slayer Counter Auto Select Slayer Reset Counter on Restart Show Miniboss Spawn Lock Slayer Type Maddox Dial Inactive Quest Warning Boss Soon Warning Boss Spawn Warning Show Boss Slain Time Fishing: Show Fishing Counter Show General Counter Toggle Winter Counter Toggle Shark Counter Toggle Spooky Counter Toggle Mining Fishing Counter Toggle Crimson Fishing Counter Auto Select Counter Fishing Statistics: Show General Stats Show Winter Stats Show Shark Stats Show Spooky Stats Show Mining Fishing Stats Show Crimson Fishing Stats Fishing QOL: Hide Fishing Rods Show Expertise Kills Fishing Utilities: Show Dolphin Pet Display Spider's Den Rain Timer Fishing Timer Fishing Delay Auto Restart Fishing Timer Skills: Revert EXP Display Show Custom Skill Display Show Skill Trackers Show Multiple Pause Time Time out Time Auto-Pause Timer Show Exp Rate Show Time Change Show Actions Needed Show Time Needed Show Total Information End Session Mythos: Show Mythos Counter Shows Rare Mythos Drops Announce Mythos Loot Ping Nearby Particles Show Red Footsteps Show Red Gaias Show Diana Waypoint Waypoints Color Show Refresh Duration Breadcrumbs Color Miscellaneous: Show Golem Counter Show Dragon Counter Show Farming Counter Show Ghost Counter Show Legion Counter

----Pets---- General: Allow Favoriting Pets Favorites Color Hide Pet Names Hide AutoPet Messages Hide Pet Candies Mute Rat Pet Fix Candy Lore Pet Colors: Show Selected Pet Selected Pet Color Show Active Pet Show Exp-Shared Pets AutoPet Enabled Colors Pet Display: Use Icon Display Add Pet Text Display Icon Chroma Percentage Change Revolution per Min Show Pet Exp Use Total Pet Exp Show Percent Needed Pet Menu c(UAYOR): Custom Pets Menu Default Pets Menu Square Pet Icons Reorganize Pets Menu Show Pet Favorites Bar Only Pet Favorites Bar Show Lore in Menu Custom Pet Skins Show Percentage in Menu Use Chroma Percentage Percentage Color Custom Pet Colors Render Pet Rarities

----Dungeon---- General: Show Dungeon Counter Edit Dungeon Floor Show Dungeon Profit Dungeon Profit Display Display Master Souls Cata EXP Tracker Show Frag Counter Show Door Opener Show Dungeon Map Use Chroma Map Remove Armor Stands Show Crypts Counter Spirit Bear Timer Display: Show Run Overview Show Score Approximation Turn Portal Green 300 Score Change Portal Color Portal Color Selection Blood Camp Helper Blood Outline Color Score Approximation Display Display Mimic Status Assume Paul Bonus 300 Score Notification 270 Score Notification Send 300 Score Message Send 270 Score Message Mimic Killed Message Show Custom Splits Edit Custom Split Messages Edit Custom Split Floor Party Finder: Show Player Info Player Item Overview Show Party Finder Info Cata Level Lower Bound Class Level Lower Bound Draw Player Count Miscellaneous: Prevent Rerolling Dungeon Chests Fix Spirit Boots Copy Fails Show Armor Color Show Item Quality Show Names in Guis Hide Mage Beams Floor 7: Show Wither Lord Health Hide Ender Dragon Hurt Effect Dragon Health Display Withered Dragon Perch Warning Withered Dragon Spawn Warning Color Dragon Health Custom Dragon Health Color Color Dragon Element Ignore Unneeded Dragons Hide Unneeded Boss Bars Solvers: Dungeon Puzzle Timer Blaze Solver Show Next Blaze Next Blaze Color Show Vanilla Blazes Blaze Finished Message Riddle Solver Trivia Solver Water Solver Show Water Path Water Path Color Creeper Solver Teleport Pad Solver Tic Tac Toe Solver Silverfish Solver Ice Solver Box Solver Terminal Solver Middle Click Terminals Only Left Click Colors Hide Zero's on Change Color Terminal Simon Says Solver Show Next SS Click Arrow Solver Shift to Override Arrow Solver

----Quality of Life---- General: Search Bar Middle Click SB Menu Hide Item Durability Better Crop Hitboxes Show Cultivating Count Left Click Zapper Undo Show Item Cooldown Track Ability Messages Show Wither Shield Duration Only Show Shield on CD Play Wither Shield Chime Show EXP in Minions Visual: Color Enchants Customize Color Enchants Show Selected Arrow Show Selected Arrow Count Show Cookie Timer Show Trapper Hides Freeze Previews Show Storage Previews Cache Backpack Data Show Custom Backpack Name Edit Backpack Names Show EnderChest Previews Show Custom EChest Names Customize Enderchest Pages Show Block Zapper Destroyed Blocks Hub Colors Prettify Damage Markings Show Custom Dyed Armor Show Custom Skull Textures Show Enchant Glow Remove Enchant Glow Hide Fire Display Hide Lightning Show Builder's Wand Overlay Hide WitherBorn Shadows Hide Displayed Armor Modify Visual Words Edit Visual Words BINGO: Show Bingo List Show Community Goals Bazaar: Sort Sack Prices Highlight Insta-Sell Items Chat: Use Chat Filters Use Default Chat Filters Edit Chat Filters Hide Hub Messages Notify Scam Messages Auto Confirm Reports Hide Sea Creature Messages Hide Coop Chat Hide Dicer Messages Hide Random Parties Hide [PLAYER INFORMATION] Hide Spook Messages Performance: Hide Non Crits Hide Block Destroy Particles Hide Staff Falling Blocks Hide Hurt Effects Turn off ALL Features Turn off Intensive Features Misc: Show Damage Calculations Compact Damage Text Click Copy Chat Draw Bestiary Info Draw Bestiary Percentage Museum: Show Uncollected Museum Items Render Special Museum Items Render Museum Overlay Everywhere Museum Box Color Render Soulbound Bookmark Bookmark Color Bookmark Type Show Museum Item Type Use At Your Own Risk: Hypixel Language Allow Reparty Command Prevent Orb Placement Auto Reparty Auto Join Party Party Rejoin Filter Custom Wardrobe: Custom Wardrobe Menu Wardrobe Lore Player Head Movement