Terms of Service

Alpha Origin LLC reserves the right to revoke anyone's access to its services upon violation of any of the following rules (but is not limited to): - No NSFW (Not Safe For Work) related content is allowed - No Disrespect or any form of verbal harassments/bullying is allowed - No Racism/Homophobia of any kind is allowed - No Spam or Toxicity of any kind is allowed - No Advertising of any kind (except in allowed channels) is allowed - Breaches of Discord's TOS (Terms of Service) are prohibited Additionally: - You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, or sell any of the content related to the Skyblock Extras Mod in any shape or form without the express permission of Alpha Origin LLC. - You may not encourage or promote any action which leads to a breach of the above term. - You are obligated to report any suspicious activity regarding a possible breach of the above terms to AlphaElite - Your purchase of Skyblock Extras is non-transferable, and may only be used for 1 Minecraft account. - Your Minecraft account is your own responsibility and the above term is true regardless of your account security. - Any Chargebacks will result in a ban from the SBE Discord and access to Skyblock Extras and its services will be revoked. - Your access to any services including the Skyblock Extras Mod may be revoked upon violation of the above terms. - By using the mod, you are agreeing with the above terms, as well as the End-User License Agreement found: here